What's in a Soulver?


Instant answers

Soulver instantly evaluates any math it finds in your text and displays it in parallel on the right. Naturally, as your expressions change, so do the answers.


Text + math together 

Mix plain text and calculations in the way that makes the most sense for you. Use labels (:) and comments (//) for any text you do not want evaluated by Soulver.


Quick totals

Paste in multiple lines of text with numbers and get an immediate total in the bottom right. You can also get a subtotal for range of lines by making the line after them a subtotal. 


Reference tokens

Reference previous lines' answers. Any dependent lines are automatically updated when needed.

Help working things out


Unit Conversions

Soulver supports a whole range of useful units across space & time, mass volume, temperature, computer storage, & CSS, like:

10 inches in cm
450 km in miles
160 pounds in kg


Calendar math

Soulver helps you do calculations with dates and times, like:

Today + 3 weeks 2 days
3:35 am + 9 hours 20 minutes
From March 12 to July 30



Percentages are expressed elegantly in Soulver with natural functions, like:

30 + 20%    (36)
40 as a % of 50    (80%)
20 is what % of 50    (40%)



Soulver has natural functions for proportions, like:

3 is to 6 as what is to 10?    (5)
5 is to 20 as 10 is to what?    (40) 



Soulver supports 168 real-world currencies. Rates are updated hourly from CurrencyLayer. Soulver also supports Bitcoin and 15 other popular cryptocurrencies. Crypto Market Cap & Pricing Data Provided By Nomics.


SI notation

Soulver uses SI notation for large and small numbers. You can also use them in expressions, like:
100k (100 thousand)
20M (20 million)
3G (3 billion)


Inline variables

You can declare variables using the equals sign, like:

monthly rent = $1,250 

Variables may include spaces, and can be modified later. Press escape to autocomplete long variables, and shift-hover over a variable to see its value.


Custom units

Soulver lets you customize its unit engine to include new units for your particular use cases.

Editing & styling


Number formatting

Spaces and thousand separators are automatically inserted for you when required. This keeps your numbers easy to read, and your work looking nice.


Custom text colors

Soulver automatically syntax colors numbers, units & variables. You can choose your preferred colors in the preferences.


Multiple text styles

Soulver supports three text styles for lines: plain text (the default), headings (#) and comments //. You can also make labels (:).


Number scrubbing

Hold down shift and mouse over a number to show the scrubber. Experiment around until you get the answer you expect.



Sheets organizer

Like Notes.app, Soulver manages all your sheets. Make your own folders for an extra level of organisation. Double-click a sheet in the sidebar to open it in a new window.


Markdown headings

Within a sheet/page, use markdown headings (#) to create natural sections. Subtotals will only calculate back to the last heading.

macOS integration


Dark mode

Soulver looks great in light or dark mode. By default Soulver matches your system appearance, but you an customize Soulver's look manually from the preferences.


Spotlight support

The contents of your Soulver sheets are indexed by Spotlight. A QuickLook preview of your sheet is also available in the Spotlight window.


Automator action

Evaluate any mathematical expression from Automator using the 'Evaluate with Soulver' action. The full range of Soulver's capabilties are available.


Command-line tool

Soulver ships with a command line tool in its bundle and a menu item to install an alias at /usr/local/bin/. You can then use Soulver from the Terminal app. You can also pipe multiple lines of text into Soulver, and these can include variables.


Good macOS citizen

Soulver supports all the standard behaviours you'd expect from a great AppKit app including Full Screen, Resume, & Touch Bar support.


Alfred workflow

Soulver comes with a workflow for the popular productivity app Alfred. The full range of Soulver's math capabilities are accessible via Alfred.


URL schemes

Soulver includes a set of URL schemes that can be used to create new sheets, or add content to an existing sheet.


System services

Soulver comes with services to evaluate text anywhere. Simply control-click on some text and choose "Evaluate with Soulver". The result can be placed on the clipboard, or inserted into the field you are evaluating from.




Soulver supports many different number formats. Your system region will be used by default, but you can customize this. Imported files will be converted to your preferred locale for you.


JSON & CSV Export

You can export your sheets into .csv, .txt or .slvr (a new json based  file format for Soulver). Soulver files are Quicklookable in Finder


Global variables

Create global variables that work across all your sheets.


Import soulver 2 files

Drop your Soulver 2 files onto the Soulver 3 dock icon, or choose File > Import... 

Soulver 3 is available for Mac 10.14.4 or later • free 30-day trial • purchase through Soulver itself or by clicking here

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